This is Cristopolis

The living hypothesis that man is

Truly gifted cause in-trinsic within

His physical limbs

Is the gem of the Christic Adam

Blueprint for the overman

I speak to them who bend back in the wind

But refuse to blend in to the masses

But instead push incessantly like mother Earth on her axis

So fantastic - take my music blast it

From your boombox my thoughts rock off your cassette

Or plastic laser coded compact disc

I never ass kiss

The fact is - I’m active like atlas

And give my life to world enhancement

Human advancement

My passion is passed into transcripts

Through my left arms physical action

Imagine - scratching - production - sampling

All combined through philosophical rhyme fragments

Establish commandments

For the champions who understand my language

My anguish - my sadness - my madness - my flagrance, tenacity and patience

And the balls to do whatever it takes no matter what I’m what faced with

To be the greatest I can possibly be

This is what is meant by destiny

Until the death of me I’ll be bringing out the best in me


So I give what it is I got to give of myself

To push the levels of mental, spiritual, physical, health

Cause nothing else is more directly corrective

Or effective than the method of intensive reflective

Inspection of the mind

I stretch it so to find

Ways of expressing the things that hide deep in the darkness of my subconscious reality

That lurk and scheme but seem to eagerly come alive in dreams

By means of symbolic imagery - I’m interpreting

I hear life whispering

I’m only understanding certain things

Of the many things that I find surfacing

So like the Greek myth of Hercules

I’m working on my self-becoming urgently

Individuality sets a person free to be

Cause the will is more powerful than any influence received genetically

Socially, inter-culturally

Like a wizard doing sorcery

I create who I feel I’m supposed to be

Most believe - they’re awake but walk around sleeping like zombies

I go all out die hard like Ghandi

I’m responding - in this way so I can calmly say on the day that I die

That I would live it again and again infinite times

Without thinking it twice

I suck the juice out of life

And spit it back out over mics

To strike the domes of those who are down

To showdown, throwdown, fight

For what is righteous - despite what the hype says

I write this for minds with the sufficient ripeness

And not for those still in diapers

Practice anti-crisis cause life is

Way to precious and priceless

To waste on extra - curricular vices

So suffice it to say

Like thunderbolts and rain fall from the sky

From the Earth the greatest of us rise

Even after our lives - cause what is done will never die

Never try to stop the glory for which your inner parts cry

It’s like you got to use your drive

And realize your dreams indeed - follow the sound of your heart beat

And do everything you think

All the things you’ve felt

And if for nothing else man do it for self