If you ain’t afraid - come on

I’ve done a little good, a little wrong

Speaking riddles in the middle of a song now

How many people living riddles walking wrong now

I speak of us in a song now

How many people out there struggling

Juggling - fuck it I’m living this or living nothing uttering

Bugged out - I broke the circle snuck out

Thinking out the box is how I’m never locked out

But I got relatives - different types of different heritage

With different trips and complex characters

Taking care of us - spontaneous

Life can bust - and often does

Never move just because

I’m nervous or kirking so bad to purchase

I get purchased - by percents of peoples purchase

I keep my purpose - ever ready and always present

Find me pressing the margins in all my sessions

I’m under pressure - my own endeavors

But nothings better - it’s like I did it or whatever

Better when forever so ever keep present within my letters

And never settle for lower levels

A rebel cool smoking bedos