It wasn’t always that I followed my heart,

There was times with others when I just played my part,

But then I matured a little more,

Learned about life,

On lonely nights read me some books and wrote some kites,

Opened my eyes what is my life,

What am I doing - How did I get here,

Where am I going - Where am I next year,

Blurry vision but my texts clear,

I take a breath and then I face fear,

Self-control is one my best peers,

Cause he just talks to them,

Makes the little bandits confident,

Breaks them down to golden oxygen,

And then I walks with strength,

Keep my mind on my philosophy,

Live it out like a Cristopolis,

That’s how it’s got to be,

And possibly - we do a little something,

Where I live yo it’s got to pumping,

That why I’m learning Arabe cousin,

Mix it up just like a champion does it,

A front linesman yo I got’s to be cutting,

Moving fast so ain’t no time to be fronting,

Nothing to me unless it’s something I’m wanting,

Pushing and shoving,

Moving and jumping,

Cussing and kicking,

Sliding and slipping,

The city I’m slicking,

The life that I’m living is moving quick,

And I don’t know if I’m giving enough,

Life is beautiful like ice....if you slip it’s tough,

And when you’re down yo it’s hard to get up,

No matter how yo you got to get up